Music Monday

Check out this new video from Nakia Henry called “Transition”.  I first heard of Nakia  Henry when a friend of mine sent me her song “Love Letter (He Wants Me to Win)”, which is an amazing song.  (Get free download here.) So, I had no doubt in my mind that she was going to come strong.  “Transition” has a powerful message of self-love, forgiveness and restoration and the video creatively emphasizes it.  Enjoy!

Happy Monday. 🙂

The much-anticipated Fela! show opens this week at the The Shakespeare Theatre.  I saw the show TWICE when it was on Broadway, and it was fantastic.  The music, the dancing, the story of Fela Kuti are mesmerizing.  You will not be disappointed!

September 13- October 9    

The Shakespeare Theatre

Sidney Harmon Hall

610 F St NW

Get Tickets Here.


  1. Let me state what I liked about this song

    Ahhh, the power of loving yourself and then the guy showing up in your space to embrace and add too the divine within you.
    Thanks for sharing

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