By the Light of the Full Moon

ThatKellieGirl participated in The White Nights: The Full Moon Outing
Last Saturday, ThatKellieGirl participated in the White Nights: The Full Moon Outing organized by Dandies and Quaintrelles and BicycleSPACE.  It was the group’s the last nocturnal bike ride for the summer.   The outings have attracted well-over a hundred riders who want to experience the simple joy of biking during breezy nights. For the final summer outing, riders dressed in white to light up the night.

The route was planned by BicycleSPACE which was quite easy.  I did break a sweat on  a small hill we hit in Embassy Row!  Jordan of BicycleSPACE pedaled around a portable monkey music box, so riders could listen to music as we rode throughout D.C.  Onlookers were totally taken aback at the large mass of  riders.  They responded with applause, yells and whistles.  Folks even whipped out their phones to photograph and record us!  We felt like rock stars as we waved and wished them a “Happy Full Moon!” We even picked up additional riders along the way.  We finished the ride at Logan Circle to munch on food catered by Kid Chicago. The food and drinks were delicious! Several dozen large blankets were provided by the Petworth Jazz Project.

We truly made a night of this event.  We made a ton of new acquaintances, and didn’t make it home until after midnight.  Food, fun, bikes and DC….It was a fun and beautiful experience.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Come join us for the Tweed Ride this fall.  I know it is going to be an awesome event! I am already looking for an outfit! :-)Check out this video from the Full Moon Outing in July.

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  1. That is so cool! I love the idea of this event…. Question, how did you get that slideshow to show your pictures? I’d love to use something like that in my posts.

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