Mass Exodus

Check out the newest release “Mass Exodus” from the talented Diggs Duke.  The more ThatKellieGirl hears from Diggs Duke, the more impressed I am with his blending of jazz, funk and soul.

Duke is producing a very refreshing and unique sound.   I instantly fell in love with his cover of Thundercat’s  “Is it Love?”      And it is no different with “Mass Exodus”.  What I truly LOVE is his vivid, rich and intoxicating instrumentation on his songs.  He then tops it off with great lyrics and a very soulful voice.  And please note that all sounds on Mass Exodus are performed by Duke….that includes vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, electric piano, acoustic piano, trumpet, alto saxophone, djembe, shekere, wood blocks, and drum programming.  He even found time to design the cover art!  Talk about multi-talented. 

Click here to download, listen and enjoy “Mass Exodus” from Diggs Duke!

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