Get Familiar

ThatKellieGirl was listening to some gems I hadn’t heard in a while the other day.  And I came upon one of my fav songs, “Dance to This” by singer, Nothende

Hailing from South Africa, Nothende’s music is a fresh blend of urban, soul sounds enriched with great, smooth melodies and catchy lyrics. Nothende’s debut album, “Lovelight”, garnered great reviews and international airplay.  Her feel good vibe and sound reminds me a lot of Zhane, especially on her single “Celebrate”– another song that I love. 

With powerful vocals and high energy, Nothende is intent on motivating and encouraging positive elevation – in mind, body and spirit, while providing unforgettable entertainment.  I would love to hear more from this talented artist. Find out more about Nothende with this recent interview from Liquid Style.  

So let’s get over the hump today with Nothende’s “Dance To This”.  Enjoy! 🙂

And for added measure,  check out “Celebrate”.

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