MidWeek Mixx

Hey Good Folks.

I am still blown away by the Homegoing Service of Whitney Houston. It was intimate and heartfelt experience to glimpse into Whitney’s church roots and to see the people that she touched with her gift. 

Now, I am a person that believes that everything happens for a reason, but I kept feeling that Whitney’s death was premature and it just shouldn’t have happened.  

As I pondered the age-old question of why bad things happen, I received my email subscription from Joel Osteen.  And it really helped me put some things in perspective.  He stated that we all go through disappointments, setbacks and things that we don’t understand.   All we can do is release it. Let it go. Don’t dwell on it anymore or it will lead to bitterness, resentment and self-pity. We may not understand what happened. It may not have been fair. But when we release it, it’s an act of your faith.  A loved one didn’t get well.  You worked hard for a promotion, but didn’t get it. Or a relationship didn’t work out.   And even though it didn’t work out our way, we know that,  ‘All things are going to work together for my good.’ So we must believe we still have something good in our future.

I do believe that in time, most things will be revealed so that we can grow and become better people.  However to get there, we must forgive, release, heal, and press forward.

In the meantime, enjoy these wonderful Midweek Mixxes– one for Don Cornelius by DJ Stylus and the other for Whitney Houston.

Listen to Afrobeat Blues for Don

And enjoy this Whitney remix!



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