WBL turns 10


Words, Beats and Life celebrated 10 years of serving DC communities by hosting Philanthrobeat: The Soulquarians Edition at Liv.  Attendees were festive and ready to give back as the music of the Soulquarians was played throughout the evening.  The event raised funds to help WBL to continue to apply creative approaches to working with youth in addition to preserving and presenting the arts.

Founded in 2002, WBL’s mission is to transform individuals and whole communities.   WBL has several initiatives such as The Urban Arts Academy and the Cipher to help achieve its mission.  WBL began the Cipher to  serve as a resource by organizing teach-ins and by publishing the scholarly journal, “Words. Beats. Life: The Global Journal of Hip-Hop Culture”.  Between 2009 to 2011, WBL expanded the Cipher by organizing the teach-in, Remixing the Art of Social Change: A Hip-Hop Approach, in  San Francisco, CA and Washington, D.C.  Throughout the years, teach-ins have convened over 400 organizations and individuals from around the globe.

WBL also offers classes through The Urban Arts Academy, which is an afterschool hip-hop program for youth ages 5-23 in D.C.  Students can take interactive classes in the four foundational elements of hip-hop– emceeing, djing, b-boying and graffiti writing, and an apprentice leadership program.  The Academy is designed to cultivate the next generation of innovative young people who see the value in education as artists and as scholars.

Learn more about WBL by listening to a recent interview about their work, mission and events on LSP Effect Radio.

If you would like to become a WBL supporter or volunteer, please visit WBL here.

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