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Hello Good Folks!

For your listening pleasure, check out The Other Side of Tomorrow by Slakah the Beatchild‘s alter ego The Slakadeliqs.  This album is the result of four years writing, experimenting and exploring different groups of musical influences.  My favorite song on the album is Love Controls the Sun.  Check out the video below. 


Slakah the Beatchild is often described as a breath of fresh air.  He is known for his soulful chords and warm harmonies,  the root of this unique feel good sound. His mission is to give quality vibes to the world.  Slakah the Beatchild came on the scene with his Soul Movement vol I, a collection of instrumentals, collaborations & solo pieces. Featured guests included Divine Brown, Shad, Ayah, Drake & Melanie Durrant.  From there, has worked with artists around the world producing everything from R&B to rock and earning 3 Juno nominations (Canadian Grammy).

Download, listen and enjoy here.  Enjoy the Good Vibrations! 🙂

Track Listing

1. Keep Breathing ft. Justin Nozuka

2. Call Me Your Friend ft. Sandie Black?

3. Dear Lucy

4. Love Controls The Sun ft. Justin Nozuka

5. When The World Falls Apart

6. Dream On

7. Beneath It All ft. King Reign & Shad

8. Defective

9. Perfect Summer Night ft. Tingsek

10. Speed of Time

11. Love Judge ft. TIngsek & Ebrahim

12. Nine 2 Five ft. Tingsek

13. Everything for Nothing ft. Tanika Charles

14. The Other Side of Tomorrow


    • Wonderful! It’s such a beautiful song it needs to be shared. Just google Slakah the Beatchild. He has a lot of gems out there. Thanks for stopping by my site. I will be checking you out also. 🙂

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