The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial: Pictorial Review

After the earthquake yesterday, there was so much traffic, the Honey and I couldn’t get home.  So we roamed around downtown for a minute, then decided to take advantage of the scarcity of people in the area and go check out the  King Memorial. 

Before we walked into the entrance, we bumped into Dick Gregory.  That was a nice surprise! 🙂 He was exiting the memorial and waving at everyone. As we entered, the statue of Dr. King is surrounded by a wall with engravings of his famous and profound quotes.  The statue is facing the Potomac River with the Jefferson Memorial on the other side of the Tidal Basin.  You continue to walk the pathway leading  to the front of the King statue.  It is truly a beautiful and wonderous sight to behold.  I was so impressed with the details of the statue.  Other than his speeches, the statue makes Dr. King so real to me.  Even with the grandness, it still is a very intimate and peaceful experience compared to the austerity of other national monuments. I encourage everyone to visit the King Memorial.  It is truly a powerful experience.

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