Music Monday

Hello Good People!


I hope you all enjoyed the weekend, and you are ready for the week.  

The anticipation is mounting for the formal dedication of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.  However, the memorial is open TODAY (8/22)!  This is truly a historic and major moment.  Quite honestly, to have the first Black President elected in my lifetime, AND NOW the first national monument honoring an African-American can bring tears to my eyes…seriously.  I am looking forward to the celebrations and dedication on Sunday (8/28).  And you know ThatKellieGirl is going to be there! 🙂 

Click here  and here for a full list of commemorative events.

Here are some of my favorite songs celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. King:

Every time I hear Stevie sing this song, I want to join in! 🙂

I truly appreciate U2, Bono in particular, for supporting social justice issues in their music and actions.

Every time I see this video, I get a kick out of seeing all of the stars of my youth!

I am really glad that Common and Will.I.Am made a song for the younger generation that connects to the  legacy of Dr. King.

In the meantime…

Wes Felton & Ben’s live presents: An Intimate Night with Zo! + Sy Smith.  It will be an acoustic session that features Sy Smith on vocals while Zo! accompanies her on keys.  Tonight (8/22) at 8PM, Ben’s Next Door, 1213 U St. NW.

Enjoy the week! 🙂

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