Let’s Get It Started!

Hey Good Folks,

ThatKellieGirl was in the house at last night’s inaugural ball for D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray.  It was a great turn-out and well-organized with yummy food, some networking and great music.   I wasn’t a big fame of the VIP section (One City right?), but everyone was in good spirits.  Raheem was good, but Chuck Brown brought the party.  The Boo and I pulled out a couple of moves for the folks! 🙂  One thing I love about folks in DC is that they know how to have a good time.   Check out this blog for some pretty cool pictures from the ball.

Now that the party has ended, there are some real issues at hand for the Gray Administration…potential tax hikes, potential government employee furloughs, race and class divides, just to name few.  I am really interested to see what is going to happen East of the River.  With Gray and Brown having close ties to these Wards, East of the River residents are looking for some improvements on their side of town.  The new Congress begins this week also.  Let’s see what can get accomplished with a GOP majority Congress.

All in all, we all have to be much more aware and involved in our community and government.  There are too many issues that will impact our quality of life and our future.  Wake up people. Let’s get involved.


  1. You looked stunning Kellie. And your boo didn’t look half bad either 🙂 Happy New Year to you both!

    I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the blog. Consider getting a dot com and taking it to the next level so your content is truly yours!

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