Freedom Friday: The Red, Black & Green Edition

Hello Good People,

I have had some great conversations throughout the week.  And each of these conversations have had the theme of cultural heritage regarding black people. 

When I think about my teen years, I truly loved the 90s because it was time where we openly showed our black pride in our clothing, hair and music.  From Cross Colours, FUBU, Karl Kani, Soul II Soul, Native Tongues, Arrested Development, X Clan, Digable Planets, Public Enemy and the list goes on…it was a time of strong black pride.  And I know to this very day that my love for locs stems from this period. 

The red, black, and green flag designed by the UNIA in 1920. Do you know what the colors represent?

What was also wonderful about this period was our connection to the Motherland, Africa.  We understood and celebrated our African lineage.   We wore our African medallions, wrapped our hair, and incorporated African clothing in our wardrobe.  I get so upset when I hear black Americans speak disparagingly about Africans, and vice versa. Or totally try to disassociate themselves from Africa.  Just because you had a couple of bad experiences doesn’t mean a whole group of people act the same way.  Or just because the TV airs certain images of a group doesn’t mean it is the truth.  We have to be smarter than this.  

One of my biggest issues though is that we have failed not only to show our pride, but most importantly pass it on to our youth.  Our youth do not know their history.  And you know what they say, you don’t know where you are going unless you know where you have been.  On a daily basis, how do you show cultural pride? If it wasn’t for the color of your skin, how do you show your cultural heritage?

I do not believe that one ethnic group is superior than another.  We are all equal.  And when we take the time to get to understand each other, we will find we are very similar.  And as we interact, learn and take from each other, let’s us espouse the best in each of us.  

I think it is time for us to learn (or re-learn) our history.

Peace and Love!


DC’s only party dedicated to Hip Hop music & culture returns to the Black Cat this Friday (and every 3rd Friday of the month). Pull out your dopest throwback Hip Hop gear and come out and celebrate the golden era of Hip Hop. Special guest DJ Scotty Rock from the World Famous Butta Team will join Dredd.

Friday, October 15

Black Cat

1811 14th St NW


Cover 7PM


In honor of CONGO WEEK, Busboys and Poets will be showing the documentary Street Children of Kinshasa in association with Friends of the Congo. The documentary presents opportunities to educate community members about the conflict in the Congo while also allowing them to get involved in an advocacy and human rights campaign aimed at changing policy towards the Congo in order to stop the violence and end the suffering in the DRC. 

Sunday, October 17

Busboys and Poets

14th & V St NW



All I can say is Daylight is back!  Moving from the caverns and back to LIV, you can bring out baby powder for the hardwood floors.  Come dressed to sweat to some house, old school hip hop, soul, r&b dance classics.

Sunday, October 17


12th and U St NW

Doors Open 5PM

Free before 6PM :: NFL SUNDAY NIGHT GAME Skins vs. Colts

DJ Bill Source (Daylight)
DJ Divine ( – Daylight – Pose Ultra Lounge National Harbor)


The Folger Theater is putting on Henry VIII.  This compelling revelation of the lives of the royals rivals the intrigue of any current docudrama. Shakespeare’s final history play reverberates with power struggles—both political and personal—as Henry’s advisors, paramour Anne Boleyn, and Queen Katherine all vie for the favor of the King.

October 12-Nov 21

Folger Elizabethan Theatre

201 E Capitol St S.E.

Special tickets for 25 buck for 10/16 to 10/24 performances 

Click here for discounted tickets and use code TH0111DS

Must purchase between 10/15 and 10/16 until 10AM

For more info, click here.


Have a great weekend!

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