Jazz Tuesday

Good Morning People!  Another bright and early day for ThatKellieGirl.   I have noticed that my day doesn’t seem as rushed and I actually have enough time to finish what I need to do (Gold star for ThatKellieGirl)!   As they say, the early bird catches the worm. 

I also had some time to share with you some of my jazz picks that help get me through the day.  Enjoy!   

This joint is just FUNKY! 

Herbie Hancock had to be feeling himself when composing this infectious groove.  This song was released in 1973, and continues to influence other artists (I am sure you can hear where it was sampled).  Herbie is still doing his thing.  In June, he released “The Imagine Project” which  features collaborations from various artists and complemented by a documentary about the recording process.

John Coltrane. Need I say more?  This joint is just classic!

I love the music of John Coltrane and I love this song, so you have an undeniable combination.

From the younger generation, we have my man, Roy Hargrove.  He has never left me disappointed.  The boo and I saw him perform at Blues Alley last year.  It was a flawless performance. Beautiful technique, sound, and emotions.  He will return to Blues Alley this September.

I must admit, I just noticed that I did not represent the female jazz artists.  That means I will be back to share! 🙂


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