What do you think?

Not sure if you noticed but, Jet magazine has a new logo.

I know it is hard for many people to see this change.  Most of us grew-up with Jet, and feel a strong attachment to the logo.  And I will admit, I am not “in-love” with the new design, but it’s not bad.

If anything, I am more excited about the changes WITHIN the magazine.  There is a new design and layout, new sections and features.  Jet also will showcase the perspective of recognizable contributors such as Dr. Ian Smith, Warren Ballentine and Fonzworth Bentley.  I applaud Jet for updating the magazine.  If the magazine did not evolve, it would no longer be relevant.  This is too often the case for many well-established institutions within the African-American community.  What comes up is the question of relevancy and effectiveness.  I believe this stems from a lack of younger and divergent perspectives.  These institutions have to do a better job of balancing the old with the new.  It seems like Jet is trying to do this.

Most importantly, Jet is maintaining its newsworthy content.  In my opinion, it is Jet’s news content that has made it a favorite in the African-American community. And there’s just something about the small size of the booklet that I like. 🙂 Jet continues to offer an authentic African-American voice that is normally overlooked in the mainstream news market.

One thing that remains the same, Jet Beauty of the Week. (Now that is a different blog post.)

So what are your thoughts on the new logo?

One comment

  1. OMG – I was just talking about Jet’s logo on another social site! I thought I was the only one that noticed! As I stated, I’m all for changes. However, I prefer the old logo. I love the idea of changing the format and layout – fine, but the old logo has been the one “contanst” my entire life. The old Jet logo is classic, changing the old logo is like changing the original flavor of coca-cola – and that’s just not right man!

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