Let’s Get Real

If you haven’t heard already, Kwame Kilpatrick is back in the news.  *smh*

The FBI has evidence that a contractor paid $100, 000 in four or five installments of about $20,000 each in 2002.  And Kwame wasn’t  the only beneficiary.  There are allegations that his father and a close mayoral aide also received money.  This case is significant because, for the first time, the government has someone directly linked to the payoff, and the person is cooperating with the government.    

However, what kills me is that there are still people vouching for Kilpatrick.  When I posted this news article on my Facebook page, I had that one comment about he did do some good for the community.  *smh*  Seriously? 

Ok, Let’s get real.

What does that have to do with the present situation?  The “good” that Kilpatrick did for Detroit was a part of his job description.  He is SUPPOSED to do those things.  It doesn’t make him less culpable.   After this investigation, if Kilpatrick is found guilty for accepting payoffs, he should face the judicial system for his unethical  and illegal actions. Why should he be treated any differently?  Because he is from a political family? He was the youngest Mayor of Detroit?  He was a young black male claiming to make a difference in the City of Detroit?  These now only seem to be fronts he used to exploit the system.

It is very frustrating and disheartening that he squandered an opportunity to help the City of Detroit.  Instead, he took advantage of  an elected office for his self-interest.

One comment

  1. This man is an embarrassment to the City of Detroit. Especially with all the problems the Motor City has had. Kwame Kilpatrick was definitely taking advantage of his Mayoral position. Please don’t mention nepotism, “hey why not keep it in the family” He is really a disappointment for all young black men. He is a disgrace.

    Also, don’t forget his adulterous affair, boy you think you heard it all, then hold on. Kwame needs to “KEEP HIS PANTS OFF THE GROUND.

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