Who’s ThatKellieGirl


ThatKellieGirl is a wife, mother, pr professional, lover of life and connector of people.

People are always saying to me, where’s the place to be this weekend.  Well, this website let’s you know what’s going on so you can break up your routine.  Life is so much more than working at the job everyday, paying bills, raising kids or whatever other responsibilities you have.  Life is to be enjoyed!

I hope that this website introduces you to a new artist, a new event or a new perspective.

More importantly, I hope to see you out there living life on purpose.

Loving Life

Life should be lived abundantly and to the fullest.  However, we allow life to just happen. Before we know it, life has just passed by us.  We are a year older, and we haven’t had new discoveries or new exploits.

Everyday, we have to make a conscious effort to “break out of the ordinary.”  Even when you work-out, once you have established the discipline to exercise routinely, you have to change the pace to truly reap the benefits.

That’s how I try to approach life.  You have to be willing to switch things up.  You have to be flexible and not take yourself too seriously.  Twists and turns make you more agile, aware and focused.

So step out of that comfort zone!

Try a new food.  Take a dance class.  Attend a lecture.  Read a book from an unfamiliar genre.  Strike up a conversation with a the person next to while you are waiting for your table at a restaurant.

This makes life more interesting!

Connecting People, Places, Things & Ideas

Life is also about shared experiences and  interacting with people.  Friendships are much more rewarding when you explore the world together.

Life is so much more fun and fulfilling when we are open to meeting and doing new and different things.

So take those friends to go salsa dancing or bellying dancing or camping or even sky diving!  It will only make those friendships deeper, stronger and with lasting memories!




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