In the Meantime


Hello Beautiful People!

The time is winding down for me! I am literally 39 days away from the big day. Wow! You always dream of this day, and it is finally here. It feels surreal, but I am really excited and happy for the future.  I believe half the battle is finding the right person– the person that really gets you. 

For the most part, I’ve been pretty organized and I’ve managed my stress fairly well.  And it’s great to  have a support circle reassuring me and helping me out along the way, and I am so grateful for it.   Besides, as we get closer, my motto is “don’t nobody bring me no bad news!”    🙂

So to change pace, it is nice to hear new music from King . “In the Meantime” is a silky smooth song. As always, their great lyrics and luscious harmonies evoke a feeling of being with that certain someone. For me, it makes me think about cruising on a beautiful summer evening with my sweetie. 🙂 

So check out King’s “In the Meantime”. Enjoy!

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