Music Monday (on Tuesday)


Good Morning Good Folks!

For those of you who missed the 121212 Concert, you missed a stunning performance from Alicia Keys.  America’s Darling gave a heartfelt performance of “Brand New Me” and “No One”.  For ThatKellieGirl, it was truly the stand out performance of the concert.  So on the heels of the 121212 Concert, Alicia has released the video for “Brand New Me.”  This is an empowering song for anyone trying to move forward.



And DC’s Darling, Carolyn Malachi released her new video “Free Your Mind” in her efforts to to fund the education of students in developing countries.  For every view of the “Free Your Mind” music video and download of the song via GooglePlay, one hour of class time will be donated to students in East Africa, courtesy of The School Fund’s corporate sponsors. The goal is to provide 10,000 class hours per month for six months.  So let’s get to downloading to help a child.

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