Music Monday

For Music Monday, check out soul singer Antoine Dunn and his single “Miss My Love” from his debut album “Truth of the Matter”.   

Antoine Dunn, a self-taught musician, is establishing himself as an incredible vocalist, accomplished songwriter and producer.  This year, he’s been touring with his musical mentor, Anthony Hamilton   A fellow Ohioan, Antoine grew up in Cleveland where he was captivated by the music he heard in church, but also by his mother’s extensive collection of classic and modern R&B.  This year, Antoine started rumbling the music scene with his debut single and video, “Can’t Forget,” and now he is following up with “Miss My Love”.   

Check out his second single “Miss My Love”, a song about choosing between love and a  career.   Dunn delivers a soulful and timeless R&B style. Enjoy.


You can also see Dunn perform tomorrow (Nov. 20th) at Blues Alley for 2 shows (8Pm &10Pm).  Get tickets here.  Happy Monday! 🙂

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