MidWeek Mixx

Celebration of the Re-election of President Obama on U St

Hello Everyone,

ThatKellieGirl was in the streets celebrating the re-election of President Obama! People poured out onto U Street and throughout the Distirct to rejoice over his win.  It was truly an inspiring (and at times entertaining) sight.

To help keep you awake after a long night of celebrating Obama’s re-election, check out Obama’s “2012 Campaign Playlist”.  Released in February, the playlist is a good mixture of old and new songs that appeals to all of America.  However, it was noted that the playlist was absent of Hip Hop and Latino songs, but that was rectified when K’NAAN and Ceclia Cruz and other artists were added to the playlist.  One thing for sure, we know that the Democrats know their music.  Everyone kept talking about the GOOD music being played at the DNC Convention or Obama’s Election Night Party.  Folks are already vying for an inaugural ball ticket to get down with the Democrats! 🙂

Whatever you do, it is time to unite and work together to move our country #FORWARD.  Congratulations to President Barack Obama!

Happy Hump Day!

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