Freedom Friday

Hello Good People,


Some of you have wondered why ThatKellieGirl hasn’t been on the scene this week.  Well, I’ve been preparing to travel to Africa, specifically Nigeria, for my job.  So in a couple of hours, I”ll head across the Atlantic Ocean to the Motherland. 🙂  I don’t think it will really hit me until I am sitting in the airplane.

I’ve always wanted to visit Africa, I just never knew when and how.  If anything, I am excited to have every thought and pre-conceived notion about Nigeria turned on its head.  As my fiancé said to me, now you will know it for yourself.  You will have your own story.  So when I return, I’ll be very excited to share my story with you.  This trip is really more about business than pleasure, but regardless, ThatKellieGirl will still be in the house!  I hope they are ready. 🙂

More than anything I am very grateful and open to having this experience.  So for October, ThatKellieGirl will be on a brief hiatus, but I will return.   In the meantime, please send up some prayers and love for me as I travel home.

Peace and Blessings,

ThatKellieGirl 🙂


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