MidWeek Mixx

DC Darling, Alison Carney drops a new video “Hey There” from her “AlisonWonderland” album. 

Born and raised in Washington DC, Alison Carney is a singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and an educator.  Her philosophy is to use everything she does creatively to continuously foster her artistic growth.  This newest video is proof of that.  Alison is fun and flirty at a house party full of DC tastemakers and socialites including Spinser Tracy, Akil Waite, Cheeky Sasso, DJ 2Tone Jones, Jayne Kennedi, Terrence Cunningham, Eugene Smith (of DC Life Magazine), RapperSK, , Billy Bradshaw (of PrepsterPunk), Tara Papanicolas (Stylist & Model), Bill Johnson (Designer), Kaira Johnson ( of Unapologetic), just to name a few. 

So kick off the MidWeek Mixx with the newest video “Hey There” from Alison Carney.  Enjoy! 🙂

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