Music Monday (On Tuesday)

ThatKellieGirl is still on a high from the Liberation Tour featuring Mary J. Blige and D’Angelo.  However, I must admit, it was all about D’Angelo for me. 🙂

Now don’t get me wrong, Mary has a special place in my heart.  She truly represents for the ladies.  I love how she encourages women to love themselves.  Mary provided the soundtrack  to my teenage and college years.  I so wanted to be the fly homegirl like Mary! 🙂   However, she showed us how the homegirl can grow up to become a woman.  And through our good and challenging times, Mary has always sang for us.  So I am always rooting (and praying) for Mary.  She truly gave a great performance, and she looked great also.  She was working her boots and white catsuit

But there is just something about that D’Angelo. 🙂 

First I want to say, the sooner people get over the fact that D’Angelo is not the 25-year-old in the “Untitled (How Does It Feel) video, the more they will be able to truly appreciate his artistry.  Unfortunately, too  many folks have defined D’Angelo’s whole career by this one song and video, but it is such a small and limiting view of him as an artist.  True fans understand that his catalogue embodies some of the best funk and soul songs offered by black music.  I was first introduced to D’Angelo through his song “U Will Know” featuring some of the most talented black male artists at that time.  I thought this guy must be the truth to write such a beautifully arranged and lyrical song.  Then to have Black Men United perform on the American Music Awards, it still feels me with great pride watching black men represent and sing about something positive.  Something that is nearly non-existence nowadays.

And from there, D’Angelo swiftly rose to top of the industry with the release of the classic “Brown Sugar”.  You have “Brown Sugar”, “Crusin'”, Lady”….need I say more!   However, “Voodoo” solidified him as an icon. The album was pure,  raw funk and soul.  For me, there wasn’t anything better than this.  It took me from Chicago stepping to Spanish Harlem to Africa.  I remember listening to  “Voodoo” in grad school, and in the middle of the dorm room, we just broke out dancing (maybe even convulsing) to “Chicken Grease” and “Spanish Joint”.  We had been possessed. 

So when he stepped on to the Verizon center stage on Sunday, all was right in my world.  He even graced us with a few bars of “Untitled”.  And I loved that we heard some new funky joints….”Sugar Daddy” and “Another Life”. 

I can’t wait to get a new D’Angelo album, and even better a D’Angelo headlining tour!  I truly wish this brother much peace and continued success.


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