Music Monday

ThatKellieGirl loves the kids! Camp picture from last year.

Hey Good Folks.  TGIM!

ThatKellieGirl loves the kids!  This weekend was the kick-off for the East of the River Career Exposure Camp.  Each summer, I become a camp administrator to expose students to professions in the math and sciences.  We are exposing the students to architecture through drafting, building models and a field trip to an African-American architecture firm.  For our first day, we had a great time with activities and a BBQ.  And when I came home, I fell out! LOL  What am I going to do when I have my own children?  *smh*  This week, the camp will be in full swing for three days and I am really excited about it.  And if you know if any students interested in science and math, please send an email to  Stay tuned!

On Friday, ThatKellieGirl was on 89.3 FM WPFW’s Soul Conversations giving you the scoop on new music and events in the DMV.  I wanted to make sure that each artist I mentioned was posted on my blog. So check out some great music below.

First up is Ab the Confidant.  I am proud to claim this fellow Ohioan! 🙂  He has released an EP called “Prologue: Volume 1”.  One of the stand out tracks is his cover of Total’s “Kissing You”.  I love it! 🙂 He really nails it with his unique voice and smooth vocal stylings. His rendition Chaka Khan’s “Everlasting Love” is real funky too.  Click here to listen to the “Prologue: Volume 1”  and to get a free download of “Kissing You”.  The whole album is soulful  and will get you grooving!  Can’t wait to hear more from this artist.

Multi-talented singer, songwriter, actor, musician and producer, Martin Luther released his newest album “Love is the Hero.”  For this third LP, Martin Luther forgoes the current trend of synthetic pop, and returns to live recorded performances.  Click here to download, listen and enjoy! 🙂

Happy Monday! 🙂

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