MidWeek Mixx

Darryl Reeves and Saunders Sermons join forces on “Doves”

ThatKellieGirl wants you to know that what you are about to hear is “FRESH FIRE”.  Well, when a friend put me on that is how she described it to me (thanks Makeda!).  And it is true. 

Darryl Reeves and Saunders Sermons set out to do the unthinkable.  They covered Prince’s iconic “When Doves Cry“.  And their cover, entitled “Doves”,  totally delivers.  Reeves and Sermons reimagined and rearranged the song into a very funky and fresh sound.    

So who is Darryl Reeves and Saunders Sermons?  Darryl Reeves is a saxophonist who has worked with such greats as Roy Ayers, Frank McComb, Julie Dexter, Kirk Whalum, Jill Scott, Russell Gunn, Angie Stone, Toku and most recently, Janelle Monae & B.O.B.  Reeves most recent album is “Mercury”, a vivid blend of jazz-funk, inspired by Herbie Hancock and other 1970s jazz musicians.  Definitely worth picking up.  And Saunders Sermons is a talented singer and trombonist that’s shared the stage with Diddy, Jay Z, 50 cent, Mary J.Blige and  Maxwell.  And both are based out of Atlanta.   

So check out “Doves” from Darryl Reeves featuring Saunders Sermons.  I am sure you will be moving and grooving.  Enjoy! 🙂

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