Freedom Friday: The Butterfly Edition


Hey Good People,

I hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July!  I sure did.  🙂 I had a fabulous time celebrating my girlfriend’s birthday.  We had such a blast.  The energy was awesome.  People were friendly and festive.  And as soon as “Jamaica Funk” came on, everyone was out their seats and dancing down the Soul Train line! 🙂 Later on, my girlfriend and I talked about what made it such a good party.  We concluded that it was just a good mix people.  And everyone didn’t know each other.  For some people, this would have been a turn off.  But the fresh faces is what truly made the party. 

At times, we have to shake things up every now and again.  Routine is necessary, but change offers new experiences, growth and opportunity.  It also brings uncertainty which is what most folks are afraid of.   Uncertainty is what keeps many people in their comfy comfort zone.  However, they fail to realize that their comfort zone is really a false sense of security.  The only thing that IS certain is change.   Yes, it’s uncomfortable.  But as the church folks used to say, “you’ll come out as pure gold!” (Job 23:10) 

One of the best examples I heard about change was the story of the butterfly.

A little boy went to visit a guru who was sitting and looking at something in his hand. The little boy went up and looked at it. He didn’t quite understand what it was, so he asked the guru, “What is that?” “It’s a cocoon,” answered the guru, “Inside the cocoon is a butterfly. Soon the cocoon is going to split, and the butterfly will come out.” “Could I have it?” asked the little boy. “Yes,” said the guru, “but you must promise me that when the cocoon splits and the butterfly starts to come out and is beating it’s wings to get out of the cocoon, you won’t help it. It is important not to help the butterfly by breaking the cocoon apart. It must do it on it’s own.” The little boy promised, took the cocoon, and went home with it. He then sat and watched it. He saw it begin to vibrate and move and quiver, and finally the cocoon split in half. Inside was a beautiful damp butterfly, frantically beating its wings against the cocoon, trying to get out and not seeming to be able to do it. The little boy desperately wanted to help. Finally, he gave in, and pushed the two halves of the cocoon apart. The butterfly sprang out, but as soon as it got out, it fell to the ground and was dead. The little boy picked up the dead butterfly and in tears went back to the guru and showed it to him. “Little boy,” said the guru, “You pushed open the cocoon, didn’t you?” “Yes,” said the little boy, “I did.” The guru spoke to him gravely, “You don’t understand. You didn’t understand what you were doing. When the butterfly comes out of the cocoon, the only way he can strengthen it’s wings is by beating them against the cocoon. It beats against the cocoon so it’s muscles will grow strong. When you helped it, you prevented it from developing the muscles it would need to survive.”

Eachaspect of our life cycle teaches important lessons on how to move through life.  Instead of allowing fear or uncertainty to dictate our decisions and actions, let’s us be moved by love of others, faith in our abilities and a desire to be the best we can be.

Stay cool and enjoy the weekend!

Peace and Blessings, ThatKellieGirl  

Feature acts are E the Poet, Vocalist/ Pianist Desiree Jordan, Vocalist/ Acoustic Guitarist C Love and Comdedian Rallo Boykins.  Host and brief performance by Messiah!  There will be a relaunch of the open mic sections to the feature performances for those who would like to share.  DJ Jave will be on the turntables as well as live art by Howard’s own Saheed Fawenhim.

Friday, July 6


3804 34TH ST. MT. RAINIER, MD.


10 bucks


Celebrate the music of two pop icons. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Fever Bar & Lounge is proud to bring you Madonna vs. Janet! Featuring music from some of pop, R&B, and hip-hop’s leading ladies, with extended sets of Louise and Damita Jo (Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty).

Friday, July 6

Fever Bar & Lounge

816 H St NE


Ladies free all nite!!

Fellas only $5


The Smithsonian Folklife Festival and Anacostia Community Museum take a day to celebrate Washington’s “godfather of go-go” music, Chuck Brown. The day will include performances by Cold Hearted Band, No Question Band and Junkyard Band; a “Go-Go Fitness” class; a discussion about the history of go-go music; and a panel with members of Brown’s former bands.

Saturday, July 7

The National Mall

Between the U.S. Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial



For ten years, Hip-Hop Theater Festival has consistently broken new ground, elevating both Hip-Hop and Theater by empowering artists to develop bold new works, while creating a lasting and positive impact on urban communities. Join HHTF as we celebrate our Tenth Anniversary of Culture in Action. 

July 7-14

Throughout DC

Click here for schedule


Once again back is the incredible REMINISCE! It’s DC’s HOTTEST 90s party! All 90s music brought to you by Supa Qool DJ Quartermaine on the 1s and 2s. It’s not that it can’t stop…it’s just that it won’t stop.  Come get your swerve on and party like its 1999. Come comfortable because the rooms move and best believe we sweat out weaves. We’re celebrating two monumental occasions: Supa Qool DJ Quartermaine’s birthday and Urban Cusp’s 1-Year Anniversary.

Saturday July 7


2001 11the St NW



RSVP here


Join Kool DJ Red Alert, Jorge Fabel Pabon, David Banner, DJ Kool, Jeff Johnson, Mark Anthony Neal, Bakari Kitwana, Toni Blackman, Samuel Sidel, Jared Levy and more.

Saturday, July 7

Blackburn Center at Howard University

2400 6th St NW


Click here for more details


The Heritage Festival is a family celebration of African American history, culture, art, music and education. In addition to offering a variety of foods, art displays, carnival rides and extensive health screenings the festival is proud to feature a comprehensive eclectic range of music on two stages including Reggae, Soul, Jazz, R&B, and Gospel enticing for all ages.  New additions include: African American Film Festival, Baltimore Superstar, 3 on 3 Basketball Challenge, Choir Competition, Comedy show, and much more!

July 7-8

M & T Bank Stadium Parking Lots B and C

1101 Russell Street, Baltimore, MD



Click here for the schedule

2012 Entertainment – Saturday July 7:
Elle Varner
Chante’ Moore
Musiq Soulchild

2012 Entertainment -Sunday July 8:
Legends of Hip-Hop featuring:
Salt N’ Pepa
MC Lyte
Kurtis Blow
Big Daddy Kane
Slick Rick


Join us for this jazz and R&B performance as the sun sets over this unique urban watershed.  Featuring Mr.Marcus Young.

Sunday, July 8

Bladensburg Waterfront Park

4601 Annapolis Road, Bladensburg, MD




 DJ Erv (NYC/MIA) spinning live Club Classics,  Deep Soulful Underground House and more!

Sunday, July 8

Tap & Parlour
2001 11 Street NW
Club Classics and more {6pm – 10pm}
Deep Soulful Underground House {10pm – 2am}

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