Get Familiar

Check out two reggae artists dropping videos for their new albums. 

First up is Tarrus Riley with his video “If It’s Jah Will”.  His album “MECOUSTIC” comes out on April 17th.  Ardent reggae fans already know about Tarrus Riley’s talented vocal and lyrical skills.  I would recommend  everyone else to get on board.  With this newest album, he doesn’t deviate from rich and meaningful music.  It took a whole year for Riley to record this 15 track acoustic album putting a lot attention on the details.  I am excited that he did an acoustic version of one my favorite Riley songs, “She’s Royal“.  I had the pleasure of seeing him in concert maybe two years ago, and it was pure energy.  And his band, Dean Fraser and Black Soil Band (also on the new album) was just amazing.  One of the best live bands out there. 

Check out his video, “If It’s Jah Will”. 



As they say, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.  So I am not surprised to see Jemere Morgan following in the steps of his father Gramps Morgan from the legendary Morgan Family.  Jemere has released a mixxtape called “High School Drama Part 1” that combines  pop with reggae,  and blends rnb with hip hop.  It definitely will appeal to younger reggae fans.   Here is Jemere’s video “Sunshine Glow” from the mixxtape. Enjoy!


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