MidWeek Mixx

Hello Everyone!

I was so excited to view the video “Be Good” the title track from Gregory Porter’s new album.  It tells the story of unrequited love.  However, with the help of cupid, the lion eventually gets the girl! 🙂  

In a great interview with Okayplayer’s The Revivalist, Porter reveals that the song “Be Good” was inspired by someone he was hanging out with who wasn’t his girlfriend, but he wanted more in the relationship.  (We all have been there! 🙂 )  When he went to a party she was having, by the end of the evening, the “relationship” was over.  To soothe his heart, he said he needed “a grown man’s lullaby”.  He states “I’m still able to be strong; I’m a strong man. But I can express the vulnerability by singing this lullaby and express the pain that I had from this relationship not coming to fruition.”  And this is why I love Gregory Porter.

With all of the recent excitement surrounding jazz artists, I believe Gregory Porter should be mentioned in the same breathe as his fellow jazz artists  Robert Glasper and Esperanza Spalding.   This is an OUTSTANDING album that needs to be in your collection.  And this video is just as outstanding featuring DC artist Holly Bass showing off her dance moves. 🙂  Pick up a copy of “Be Good”.  You will not be disappointed.  Enjoy! 



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