MidWeek Mixx

S/O to Underdog for designing the cover art. He is also aa awesome DJ.

From OkayAfrica,  Africa In Your Earbuds #13 is an amazing mixx brought to you by Voice of Black, consisting of Baba Ali and Jules Born.   This mixx  is “a slow burning excursion” opening with the majestic  and beautiful song, Ishmael by Abdullah Ibrahim (father to the New York underground rapper Jean Grae).  It immediately transports you to somewhere in Africa.   This mixx then builds to Afrofuturist progression that only leaves you wanting more. 

Download, listen and enjoy this amazing Midweek Mixx here.

Abdullah Ibrahim – Ishmael
Al Quetz aka Quetzal – Stolen Land (The Imf Vs Africa)
Nomo – Nocturne
Faraón Bantú – Westbound Train (feat. Quantic)
Tony Allen – Asiko
Faraón Bantú – Macaco Mata el Toro (Batata Remix) [feat. Nova Lima]
Henrik Schwarz & Amampondo – I Exist Because of You (Henrik Schwarz Live Version)
Push/Pull featuring Buster Phott – Zulu Man (We’re One Nation)
Push/Pull featuring Rebal 3 – Bang the Drums
Barbatuques – Num Deu Pra Credita
kaoru inoue – Kamui Fuchi [feat. D.G (Loveight)]

And I was so smitten by the song Ishmael,  I was sooooo happy to find this awesome remixx of the song.  Check it out!


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