Get Familiar

Check out the latest release “Concrete Lily” from the talented Messiah.  A Howard alumni, Messiah is the quintessential emcee and spoken word artist.  His lyricism is powerful, meaningful and commanding, and the tracks go hard on this mixtape.  With songs like “Royalty”, “Church in the Wild”, and “Done Fi Dem” featuring Brandon Young, Messiah is on the mission to share his gift with the world.  

My first encounter with Messiah was at a spoken word event at Busboys and Poets.  I was mesmerized not only by his words, but the tone and cadence of his voice.  This gift has led Messiah to his greatest acclaim of rocking the legendary Apollo Theatre in Harlem four times consecutively with his self-written poem, “Shareka Was A Champ”, which is featured on the mixtape.

Messiah also is known for hosting the “Messiah and Friends”, a monthly renaissance arts event in the DMV area.  It is a melting pot for various genres ranging from spoken word, comedy, jazz, opera, R&B, live art, and much more.  The event has premiered some of the nation’s finest grassroots talents to the more popular artists such as HBO Def Poets like M’Reld Green or Grammy Nominated vocalists Maimouna Youssef.   There is a live band and a DJ to keep the energy high and the night fun.   You can check out  “Messiah and Friends” at The Adinkra Cultural Arts Studio

 Besides his love for his art and performing, Messiah is about his community.  He has taught poetry at The Duke Ellington School, conducts regular workshops at Luke Moore Alternative High School, and mentors young men incarcerated at the New Beginnings juvenile detention center. 

Check out his video “Church in the Wild” featuring Dev Duff.  It’s FIYAH! 🙂 Enjoy.

Click here to download, listen and enjoy “Concrete Lily”.

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