MidWeek Mixx

Happy Hump Day Good Folks!

It’s a laid back Wednesday for me.  So to complement my mood, here is a fantastic MidWeek Mixx from Terrence Lathan who puts two of my favorite soul singers back to back, Chaka and Erykah.

Download, listen and enjoy here or here.

1) Stay – Erykah Badu
2) Stay – Chaka Khan
3) Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long – Erykah Badu
4) Sweet Thing – Chaka Khan
5) Otherside of the Game (Live on VH1 Soul) Erykah Badu
6) Pack’d My Bags – Chaka Khan
7) Hollywood – Erykah Badu
8) Hollywood – Chaka Khan
9) Catch A Four Leaf Clover – Erykah Badu
10) Please Pardon Me – Chaka Khan
11) Kiss Me On My Neck (Hesi) – Erykah Badu
12) Message In The Middle of The Bottom – Chaka Khan
13) Back in the Day – Erykah Badu
14) What Cha’ Gonna Do For Me – Chaka Khan
15) Umm Hmm – Erykah Badu
16) Smokin Room – Chaka Khan
17) Window Seat – Erykah Badu

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