Music Monday

I woke up this morning with this song in my head and in my heart.  It was quite encouraging.  It made me think about how we often try to deal with things in the physical.  We think if we physically cut it off, take it out or  “take matters into our own hands”, everything will be fine.  However, we fail to realize it is just a small part of the battle.   We have to learn how to deal with our situations spiritually.  I believe with a spiritual mindset, we can navigate life with more love and compassion, and be more empathetic towards others.  I must admit I am learning to tone some things down.  I can’t just talk to someone without slowing down, focusing and speaking gently.  Or to be in tune enough to know when someone is hurting.  So let’s learn to be more spiritually minded in how we deal with our situations and each other. 

So how do you keep a spiritual mindset?  

Happy Monday Everyone! Let’s make it a great week. 🙂

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