Freedom Friday: The Vision Edition

Write the vision, make it plain;
that they may run and not faint.
Though the vision is only for awhile,
it shall speak and not lie.

Hello Good People!

So over the last couple of days, I’ve had these confirmations about some next steps in my life.  At the end of 2011, I started feeling like I needed to prepare, not for a disaster or anything, but for a new phase in my life.  However, I felt like I needed more direction than a “feeling”.  So I started to write a list of things to accomplish in 2011…personally, professionally, spiritually, financially and healthwise.  However, it felt more like a “to-do” or chore list, which isn’t very inspiring. 

So as I was talking to my co-worker about some of these changes, I realized that I had completed my 7 year life cycle last year.  2o12 begins a new cycle for me, so I really have a fresh start ahead of me. 

And today, during my morning routine of checking Facebook,  a Facebook friend stated that they completed their vision board, and it was already working for them.  I said that’s it!  It is time for me to truly write the vision.  As a child, I used to have these “future books”, but they were really vision boards.  My mom actually still has them.  I think I need to check them out for some more confirmation.  And what is right on time, there are two vision board workshops taking place on Saturday, 1/7/11.  Click here and here.

For many of us, we tend to “wing it” each day.  However, just imagine that you can begin to chart the course for your life?  I believe that we can begin to harness our faith and our energy to really direct the course in our lives.  This isn’t about controlling everything or everyone around.  It is believing in yourself to being to make things happen in your life.  Many of us say we believe, but our actions and our language say something totally different…and I am not exempt.  Therefore, this year, I am challenging myself to begin to live powerfully and to walk confidently into my future.   And I extend this challenge to you, especially my mid-30 counterparts.  It is our time NOW.  All our experiences, good and challenging, have brought us to this exact moment.  It is up to each of us to decide if we are going to step up or step aside to do the work we are passionate about.     

Peace and Blessings, ThatKellieGirl

The newest answer to a weekly Friday night dance party featuring live: Two very different musical styles, spotlighting local talented DJ’s, on two levels all under one roof.  No dress code (be prepared to come to dance!) Free Buffet & Drink Specials all night.

Friday, January 6

Republic Gardens

1355 U St NW


FREE b4 10:30pm

$5 10:30pm – 11:00pm

$10 after 11:00pm

Up Stairs Level
Spinning live: Underground Soulful House
DJ Osiruss (OMG)
Luminescent Soul (OMG)

Street Level
Spinning Live: Hip Hop


Riot Act is proud to have one its best friends and one of DC’s best ever comedians….Mr. Tony Woods…..back by popular demand January 5-7. 

January 5-7

Riot Act

801 E St NW

20 bucks

Click here for times and tixs


Come join VSB x Shine On Me x Just Cause Events for REMINISCE this Saturday. They’re bringing you that same old school hiphop/r&b vibe that keeps the walls shakin’ and the party thumpin’.  With Supa Qool DJ Quartermaine on the 1s and 2s, you know we gonna stay fresh and dressed like a million bucks for that low-low.

Saturday, January 7


2001 11th St NW


Free before 11PM, 10 bucks after


SPYDA THE DJ Blazin’ the best… Rockers, Culture, Dancehall & More.

Saturday, December 7

Patty Boom Boom

1359 U Street NW


FREE before 10pm

From 10-11 the cover is $5

After 11 the cover is $10


MdCL is bringing a special REMIX:LIVE set to The Gold Room at Eighteenth Street Lounge. No pre-sequenced material is ever used…all of Mark’s REMIX:LIVE remixes are done beat by beat, chord by chord, note by note…from scratch! And you never know what vocals he might throw in…

Saturday, January 7


1212 18th St NW


15 bucks


The Treat Yourself Vintage and Jewelry Pop Up Shop…..Come through Marvin on Sunday, January 8 and pick up something nice for yourself. There will be an array of vintage jewelry, clothes and accessories for men and women!

Sunday, January 8

Marvin Restaurant

207 14th St NW

Noon to 5PM


Don’t miss GALA’s traditional Three Kings celebration, featuring a procession with the Magi and live animals, as well as performances by local artists and gifts for every child.

Sunday, January 6

Gala Hispanic Theatre at Tivoli Square

3333 14th St NW

Procession- 1:30PM

Program- 2PM



BloomBars & The National Symphony Orchestra Present “NSO Meets Hip Hop & Soul” An artist exchange between the National Symphony Orchestra, Asheru and Tamika “Love” Jones – Celebrating the music of Chevalier de Saint-Georges, “The Black Mozart”
Sunday, January 8
3222 11th St NW

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