Music Monday

Hey Good People…Happy Monday!

The latest release, “‘More Than You’ll Ever Know”, from Boyz II Men featuring Charlie “Uncle Charlie” Wilson is a beautifully solid RnB song.   The heartfelt lyrics and talented vocal performances is what made Boyz II Men such as powerhouse back in the day.  And I am glad to have them back in rotation.

I truly enjoy hearing a good  LOVE song, but unfortunately, they are hard to come by if you are only listening to the radio.  Those songs are mainly about sexual attraction.  Now every thing has its proper place and time, but I want a love song that makes me think about the great times I shared with that special someone.  How I felt when I first met them.  How that person makes me feel loved.  All the wonderful things that make me love them in the first place. 

So kudos to Boyz II Men on this recent release.  This new album is shaping up very nicely. 🙂

What are some of your favorite love songs?

Side note…Not sure what is going on with Uncle Charlie and Wanya’s hair! 🙂 


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