MidWeek Mixx

Good Morning Everyone.

I still can’t believe that the great Heavy D has passed away.  Heavy D & The Boyz provided the soundtrack to my youth as well as many of my dance moves.  Whenever we heard a Heavy D joint, we knew the party was getting started.  He was one of the few rappers that was parent-approved growing up.   Not only could this “big boy” move, he had mad sex appeal with this smooth lyrics, affable personality and charm.  His recent performance on the BET Hip Hop awards made everyone remember why we loved him so much.  I must admit, I am quite curious to find out his cause of death.  I truly hope that Heavy D, for the most part, lived a fulfilling and content life.

In memory of The Overweight Lover, I am rocking Heavy D all day long.  Check out this Heavy D and The Boyz mixtape.  It takes you through all of his feel-good hits. 

R.I.P. Heavy D

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