Music Monday

Happy Monday Good People!

I must admit.  I have a bad habit.

When situations become inconvenient, uncomfortable or challenging, I say six words…”this is getting on my nerves!”  “This” can be he, she, they or it.  And the Honey dutifully pointed this habit out to me since he usually hears, or should I say bears  the brunt of my complaints.   Now I recognize that this bad habit allows me to vent or complain about some thing I just don’t like.  Some people might think this is small.  However, as we talked, he made me realize that the more I air or speak these complaints and grievances, I am only adding more fuel to the fire.  I was adding energy to something negative rather than positive.  In order to begin to change the situation, I had to begin to speak and act differently.  We all know this is so much easier said because it is a habit.  It is second nature for me to just blurt out that “You are getting on my nerves!” 

So, when I heard Oprah say be responsible for the energy you bring  and surround around yourself, it made me become more aware of my thoughts, speech and behavior.   Then the priest said, “To love is a choice.  To love is to will the good of another, to desire for another to succeed”  This made me think about how I could choose to show more love by helping others succeed.    Then, I found this song on a fellow blogger’s site, and I said, “I got it!  I got the message!” 🙂     

Enjoy this song by Colbie Caillat called “Think Good Thoughts.”  

So what bad habits are you going to change? 😉 

Have a great week everyone, ThatKellieGirl


  1. That really hits home, I believe it starts with the parents, children really do model the behavior of the parents, I have found myself saying those same exact words in the past, I really have to catch myself now, because I have a teenager that is mini me at times.

    Words are reservoirs they hold things, then pumped into the narrow valleys & dams our minds. They eventually begin to flood our emotions & spirit after being backed up & finally released at certain pressure points. So we must remember that words are powerful.

    Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. Proverbs 18:21


    • Thank you for your comments. As I get older, I not only want to have good habits for myself, but for others around me especially youth. Youth are so impressionable. Again, we have to take responsibility for the energy we bring because it not only impacts you, but the others around you.

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