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Hey Good People!

ThatKellieGirl is back in effect.  I had to head out-of-town to take care of business, but I am back on the scene. 🙂

When most people think about soul artists from the DMV area (not go-go or funk, but soul), most people will mention the most famous artists, Marvin Gaye or Raheem DeVaughn.  However, there are many talented artists in the area, but unfortunately, they don’t receive much love because they haven’t been signed by a major label.  What folks need to realize is that some of the best music you will hear isn’t on the radio.  It is being performed right around the corner at a coffee shop, art gallery or local club.

So if you want to hear some new and good music, check out Wednesday Verses featuring Dev Duff this evening.  My honey describes Wednesday Verses as the new “Bar Nun” because it showcases the up and coming talent in the area.  I first saw Dev Duff perform at an art gallery in Anacostia.  Among the young professionals in their after work attire, he definitely stood out with his afro and white t-shirt.  However, it is his soulful voice and the raw lyrics that makes him shine.  Dev’s songs reminds me of Cee-Lo (pre-Lady Killer status) as he sings  about hood stories, turning off the radio and finding balance.  Check his video out “Nu Balance”.



Dev Duff has been on the grind performing throughout the District.  So come show some love  at Wednesday Verses and support  DMV’s own!

Wednesday, October 19

Bohemian Caverns

2001 11th St NW


7 bucks

DJ Lance Reynolds

Please rsvp to





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