MidWeek Mixx

Hey Good Folks!
While watching videos on YouTube, I was happy to come across a Danish singer  by the name of Nabiha.  She has powerful vocals which allows her to jump from soul to pop to rock.  She first came on the scene with the relatable song and quirky video called “Deep Sleep” (see below).  It’s about her needing more of it!  She recently internationally released her new album “More Cracks”.  Her first single is titled “Trouble”and I love it.  The lyrics are meaningful and the video makes them more powerful.  Check out Nabiha.
Happy Hump Day!


  1. I like the video, it doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen in a video, it’s creative but very, very simple. I like the hook also, and how her voice sounds on the hook!

    • And that is actually what I love about it. I love her voice, her look (especially the hair) and her energy. I am going to keep my eye on her to see what happens. I read her single “Trouble” is doing well on Danish radio stations. I wish her the best.

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