Say Yeah, Yeah to Fela!

ThatKellieGirl with Sahr Ngaujah who portrays Fela in the musical.

Check out the pictures from the opening night of Fela! at the Sidney Harmon Theater (Shakespeare Theater). 

I saw the musical in NYC, so I was quite excited to see it in D.C…and it did not disappoint.  The story of Fela is set in his club, The Shrine where he takes us through his evolution of musical stylings, cultural identity and political ideology.  Inspired by his mother, a civil rights champion, he fights a corrupt and oppressive military government by devoting his life and music to the struggle for freedom and human dignity.  One of the highlights of the evening was meeting the “real” Sandra portrayed in the musical.  While Fela was in America during the 1960s, she impacted Fela with her black power ideoolgy.  This sparked Fela to return home to fight against anything that oppressed his people–corrupt governments, religion, multinational corporations, sex, pollution, and poverty.

The story of Fela is truly fascinating which has garnered great reviews so far.  And the dancing is superb.  I was so glad there was an after-party, because I just wanted to dance all night long! 🙂  The social strata of D.C. mixed and mingled over hors d’oeuvre and drinks while the music was supplied by DJ Reborn  of NYC.  DJ Reborn eventually loosened up the crowd to the sounds of some soul, house and afrobeat. 

Fela! is in D.C. until October 9th.  Go see this show!

Get tickets here.

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  1. I went to see Fela in NYC too! I went up there for my 30th bday. It was my first time seeing a play on Broadway! I absolutely loved it and I’m so glad they’ve brought it down here. Such a great story and overall experience. Great pictures!

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