Music Monday

Good Morning Good People,

The honey and I headed to Fort DuPont Park for their free summer concert series on Saturday. Like most residents in the DC Metro Area, this is a summer ritual.  However, I was REALLY excited this time for the concert.  My honey didn’t understand my excitement.  So I told him I was going to show so home state love to Zapp.  The honey was surprised to hear that Zapp and Roger hailed from my home state of Ohio.  He thought they were from the West coast.   Roger was one of the old school artists that influenced the “G-Funk era” of West Coast rap.  And we all know his collabo with Tupac Shakur on “California Love“.  However, believe it or not, this funk and soul was born and bred in Ohio.  To the honey, I proudly listed some talented Ohio musicians such as The Ohio Players, Bootsie Collins, Lakeside, The O’Jay’s, The Deele, LeVert, The Rude Boys, Men-At-Large, Conya Doss, John Legend, just to name a few.  Needless to say, he wasn’t very impressed. 

 That was ok though because Zapp rocked the house with an outstanding stage performance!  These brothers opened the show with “More Bounce to the Ounce“.  I thought I was back in college when they came out stepping.  The band pretty much performed non-stop with so much energy.  The dancers really made you get up out your seat with their dances of  “The Wiggle” and “The Zapp Shuffle”.  I don’t think the dances will be as popular as the Dougie, but they were fun and entertaining nonetheless.  The big highlight for me was Shirley “As We Lay” Murdock joining the band on-stage to sing “Computer Love” and “I Want to Be Your Man” with the band.  Her voice was impeccable!  I also loved how they paid homage to Roger and gave thanks to God for keeping the family together after his tragic death.  Brothers Lester and Terry “Zapp” Troutman still perform with the band.  Terry does the talkbox during the show. I am so glad they are keeping the music alive.

My two prized Zapp & Roger albums!

For me, Zapp and Roger were a part of my early music education and foundation.  It was all about the beat, the bounce with Zapp and Roger. When I was in college in Ohio, I LOVED when they played “More Bounce to the Ounce”.  The frats got to stepping around the dance floor, and you knew the party was about to get hype! (I guess you just had to be there.)    The music of Zapp and Roger  is all about “the party”.  They want to make you move and have a good time.  That’s pretty much it! *lol*  It doesn’t get any deeper than that.  I know some folks want more out of their music, and that’s fine.  However, sometimes, as Roger says, you just want to forget about your troubles and get on down!” 🙂

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