Music Monday


Good Morning People,

Over this weekend, everyone was saddened about the death of Amy Winehouse. With only two albums under her belt, she had proven to be a REAL singer.  

Talk to any Amy Winehouse fan, her best album is Frank…hands down.  It was just that…very open and emotional.  Furthermore, it showed that she was a talented singer with her heartfelt ballads and neo-soul/ hip-hop edge.  When you listened to her sing, her voice commanded you.  With her second album, Back to Black, she really ushered in the current trend of 60s, soul inspired songs in a major way leading her to mainstream appeal and success.

I found this wonderful interview of Amy that gives you a different perspective and appreciation of her as an artist.  You really see her greatness before her substance abuse overshadowed her brilliance.  I love the fact that she first and foremost identified herself as a jazz singer.

Unfortunately, Amy becomes another talented person who was unable to overcome her demons.  I would have loved to have heard more from this talented singer. 

Rest In Peace


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