Check the Rhyme Ya’ll ( & Credits)

Courtesy of The Sound of Young America
Hey Good People,
Like many folks, I checked out the documentary on A Tribe Called Quest, Beats, Rhymes and Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest.  However, there is some controversy over A Tribe Called Quest, mainly Qtip and Ali, requesting producing credit.
Director Micheal Rapaport’s recently gave an interview on The Sound of Young America with Jesse Thorn.  He talks about being a fan of ATCQ to now having a precarious relationship with the group because of contention about over the producing credits for the documentary.  Rapaport speaks candidly about his feelings regarding the feud surrounding the release of the documentary.  Check out the interview here.
Qtip and Ali Shaheed spoke out against the film with Sway due to an email they received from Rapaport’s camp about being pushed out as producers (the email was shady).  Qtip goes on to say he regrets that they didn’t tell their own story.  Rapaport responded with an interview saying he was confused about Qtip’s comments (I didn’t buy it).

Overall, I do feel the film is worth seeing.  However, I now feel uneasy supporting the film knowing their is strife surrounding the film.  I hope ATCQ didn’t get cut out of anything unjustly.  And it takes me to the ongoing debate about who should tell our (your) stories.  However, I think this beef is less about an inaccurate story, and more about producer credit, which I believe leads to some financial compensation.  I do believe that ATCQ should have some type of producing credit.  How about associate producer? (I don’t know *shrugs shoulder*) 

I am  surprised that ATCQ didn’t request that upfront.  You always have to take care of business first.  Offering producer credit could be another way (I feel) to pay homage to ATCQ.  Without their story, there wouldn’t be a film to produce.  However, I guess Rapaport is saying you have to pay the cost (help with financing the film), to be the boss.

What do you think?  Should ATCQ get producer credit?

Peace ya’ll!

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