Music Monday (on Tuesday)

Kevin Hart was the biggest winner at the BET Awards.

Hey Good People,

I am going to jump right into it…the BET Awards.  It’s like a car wreck.  You know you should turn away, but you keep looking! 🙂  Now don’t get me wrong, there were some bright spots.  However, the BET Awards Show is still a work in progress.

1.) My biggest pet peeve…the censoring of artists  If BET has to “beep” the artists continually throughout the performance, maybe BET should think about airing the show on pay-per-view.   I mean the beeping was just annoying.  BET should require a clean version of all artists’ performances.  If you are trying to appeal to different generations, then please make it more family friendly.

2.) Unless you are winning awards, please limit the amount of  an artist’s appearances on the show.  This was the BET Awards show, not a Rick Ross or Little Wayne concert.  And will someone tell Rick Ross to keep his shirt buttoned up and for Weezy to pull his pants up.  GEESH!

3.) I really didn’t know what to expect from Kevin Hart as host of the show.  However, I thought Kevin did a great job overall.  He was funny, fresh and unpredictable.  And I LOVED his bit about being a “NO” man. 

4.) I was happy to see some fresh faces on the BET scene (even though they’ve been in the industry for a while) Kimberly Nichole and Mali Music (this guy has some serious skills).   I have been following both for a while.  You should get familiar with both artists. 

5.) Great performances by Mary J. Blige, Ledisi, Jill Scott, Alicia Keys and Beyonce.  (Sidenote: Alicia needs to do some damage control about this whole “man-taking” situation.  There were some nasty comments on twitter and FB.  Women are sensitive about this issue and still testy about her and Swizz. She needs to do a community service project..for real!)  And The Walker Hawkins Tribute was fantastic with Donnie McClurkin, Deitrick Haddon and Mary Mary.  

And speaking of tributes, the Patti LaBelle tribute was awesome– Marsha Ambrosius did Patti proud and Shirley brought it home too.  However, Cee-Lo Green’s performance took a nose dive for me.  I must admit, I was tickled when I saw his Patti-inspired outfit.  Very creative.  I however wished he could have been a bit more serious with his performance rather than comedic.  It took the focus off a Patti!  The best way for him to tribute Patti and garner more publicity for himself is with a good performance.  I would have loved to have seen and heard a good live performance from him.  However, when he started cursing at the crowd to give it up, I was really, really annoyed and disappointed.  One word…inappropriate. 

Which brings me to another point, The BET Awards is inappropriate for youth 15 and under.  If I were in Will and Jada’s shoes, I would have not brought my children to the show.  The best scenario…Jaden and Willow would have made their appearance in the beginning of the show, then the family would have exited the building.  

For the BET awards, I took to twitter instead of FB to experience the event with the rest of the world.  I came across this tweet from @ArrestedDevlpmt:

“BET awards is schizophrenic – talkin’ bout family values & sex faces/ fighting AIDS & rub me all over my body. Thanking God & praising flesh” 

I posted this quote on FB, and one of my FB friends replied “sounds very human to me”.  I understood that my FB friend was saying what we saw was a reflection of the complexity of being human.  The yin and yang that exists in life.  I get that.  My issue though is the context in which this complexity is presented.  I believe more creative and thoughtful energy could have been put into how BET presented Black Music to the world (drawing 7.7 million views) and more importantly, the our youth.    Ultimately, the family does have the most impact, but families do not live in a vacuum.  We live in a village.  And if BET is a part of that village, then it has to do better.

If you watched, what did you think about the BET Awards?

One comment

  1. I agree with you on so many things. I have to respond to everything lol

    1. I totally agree about the censoring of their artists and that they need to request clean versions of their songs. At times it was like we were watching the Source Awards.

    2. And OMG, not only Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, but what is his name that says “We the best” all the time? LOL Way too many appearances from all of them. And yes they all needed MORE clothes on!

    3. I LOVED Kevin Hart. I really feel like he’s exploding right now. He’s been out for a long time but it seems like more people are finally paying attention to him. He was hilarious and I loved the Hollywood Husbands.

    5. About Alicia, people need to get over it. It happened like a year or two ago. It happens all the time, it didn’t happen to them, they really need to drop it. I’m sorry, but that’s my opinion. I realize she did some dirt and I don’t condone it, but people drag stuff out for way too long. Get out of her business and keep their mouths off of her life. They are married with a baby now. MOVE ON.

    I totally agree with you about the Cee-Lo performance. I thought it was hilarious when he came out there with that wig and his voice even sounded perfect for the song in the beginning. But when he started cussing, I was like, why??? Like you said, it was so inappropriate and uncalled for. It was like he forgot he was up there to HONOR someone. She took it well though, it didn’t seem that she was offended. But I felt like she deserved more respect than that.

    I totally agree with you about the BET Awards in general. I think what they are missing is CLASS. They are so focused on ratings and success, that they allow things they shouldn’t. I feel if they had a touch more class, it could be a very respectable show honoring US the way they need to. They need to take some tips from the NAACP Awards or something. It does NOT have to be ghetto to appeal to us. They seriously need to evolve. People always feel they need to bring out the ghetto to appeal to everyone, how about raising your people UP above the norm. That should be their objective.

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