The Common Controversy

Hey Good People,

I really didn’t want to comment on this whole issue with Common performing at the White House.   Overall,  I think it is a cheap shot by FOX and other right wingers trying to find ANYTHING to discredit President Obama.  What’s new right?!

To be fair, everyone is entitled to their opinion.  And everything isn’t for everyone.  Yet, as I have stated before, we have more important things to be dealing with right now.  What makes me upset though is that they are totally spinning the situation.  The poem in question is a metaphor (not a celebration of cop killing) as explained by Jason Linkins of the Huffington Post:

“It shouldn’t take a genius to explain what’s going on in this poem: It is what the title suggests, a “letter” to the source of moral authority written from the perspective of inner city black youths who feel that the police don’t protect them, that the media loves to blow up and then tear down their community’s celebrities and that the government has been acting more gangsta — in terms of their invasion/occupation of Iraq — than they could ever hope. There’s an obvious sad note at the end, that the writers of this “letter” might perpetuate the cycle of decline themselves, but the hope is that, by seeking knowledge over violence, they might prevail. (The reference to “My Uzi Weighs A Ton” is key, here: Common is referencing an old Public Enemy song that posits that the mind is the greatest weapon.)”

However, I found this bright light of hope on a friend’s FB page:

Thank you Jon Stewart for showing the unfair and unbalanced practices of the media.  And who would have known O’Reilly loves the Weather Girls!  🙂

Enjoy your day.


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