Music Monday

Blues Man, Howlin' Wolf


Hey Good People!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  I surely did.  There is nothing like family. 🙂 

As I spent some “QT” with the family, I had an opportunity to watch the movie Cadillac Records.  Yes, I know I am late.  The acting in the movie was quite impressive.   Jeffrey Wright (portraying Muddy Waters) was superb as always.  And Beyonce (portraying Etta James) and Columbus Short (portraying Little Walter) truly held their own.  Gabrielle Union did a great job also. 

For me, the movie only offered an introduction to a very fascinating overview of the origin of  American music– the blues.  I believe it is the foundation of modern American music– gospel, jazz, RnB and Rock and Roll.   The character study of the blues musicians was also intriguing to me, but the movie only broke the surface.  It left me wanting more, so I started googling— Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Etta James, Little Walter,  Robert Johnson, Bessie Smith, John Lee Hooker, and Ma Rainey.  When I listened to them perform their songs, they were so powerful and heartfelt.  So far, I am feeling some Howlin’ Wolf who has been covered by almost every Rock and Roll band.  He also had a great story.  He was one of the few financially successful black musicians at that time.  He was actually capable of offering his band a salary with health insurance.  This was very rare.  

With such great musical history, why have African-Americans abandoned the blues?  

Enjoy these wonderful and classic performances from Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf!

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