Red Bull 3Style: DC Represent!

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Hello Good People!

Last night, ThatKellieGirl was in the house for the Red Bull 3Style DJ Competition at U Street Music Hall.  And DC represented with DJ Jahsonic becoming the 2nd place  finalist and heading to the national competition in Las Vegas in July.

If you frequent U Street, then you know DJ Jahsonic rocks the party every Monday night at Marvin.  It is an SRO event because of his ability to create soulful, electric and creative masterpieces.  So when he hit the stage, he felt the hometown love.  And he returned the love by starting his set with some Go-Go!  Then he mixed Jill Scott’s “It’s Love” with some drum and bass and moved into John Legend’s “Green Light”.  He parlayed into some El Pito (the first DJ of the night to bring some international flavor into the mix)so he could show off his salsa skills!  And he finally brought it home with some MJJ.  In my humble opinion, Jahsonic had one of the more creative sets and song selections  of the evening.

Also heading to Vegas, the first place finalist was DJ GetLive out of Brooklyn, a regional winner.   This dude was sick with it— mad technical skills but never losing the crowd with his great song selections.

The fan favorite goes out to DJ Cuzzin B of True School who came in third place, but no trip to Vegas.  A lot of folks felt DJ Cuzzin B was robbed because he kept the crowd rocking from beginning to end.

Also representing DC was DJ 2-Tone Jones.  He  came out strong with all the party hits.  My favorite part of his set—playing the “St. Ides” jingle sung by Nate Dogg (R.I.P.).

DJ Price had some great potential when he opened his set with the Darth Vader theme song.  However, due to some technical difficulties he became frustrated and abandoned ship!

DJ Braun Draper, regional winner from Boston, had heads bopping by playing the original song then bringing in the sampled song– think Bambooji, Apache and The Edge.

DJ Cam Jus was another DC representative.  I loved his infusion of reggae and Latin flavors.  I would like to see more DJs add a more diverse selection of songs to their sets.  I mean, aren’t DJs suppose to introduce the audience to new artists and sounds?  I digress…

DJ Jerome Baker III rocked the crowd with some Baltimore house and Top 40 hits, and DJ Petey C came with an entourage to support his set of some 90s hip hop classics.

And competition judge,  DJ Rich Medina brought it home at the end of the night.

The DJs were judged on three major criteria:

  • Participants have to play a selection of at least three genres or styles of music in 15 minutes
  • Participants are  judged on their track-selection, technical skills, creativity and most importantly their ability to move the crowd
  •  Participants are judged by a panel of professional party starting DJs with much experience in the industry

The original concept of Red Bull Thre3Style began four years ago in Canada.  However, in 2010 the competition went international.  The challenges take place in ten different countries. Each country selects eight top DJs to participate per qualifier and the winners of those battles compete in a national final to determine who is the Red Bull Thre3Style champion for that country. The ten champions from around the world will then go on to compete at the finals.

Stay tuned so you can see how our hometown hero DJ Jahsonic fares in the competition!

I am ready to go to Vegas! 🙂

Enjoy the pics I was able to get before I got shut down by security. SHEESH!

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