FYI…The County Coroner

Hey Good Folks!

It was a PBS kind of night for me yesterday. 🙂

After I checked out Black In Latin America, I watched a segment onFRONTLINE about death investigations conducted by coroners entitled Post Mortem.  I know this isn’t the sexiest topic, but it was VERY intriguing and fascinating.

FRONTLINE, ProPublica and NPR  collaborated to find  a dysfunctional system in which there are no national standards, little oversight and the mistakes are literally buried.  It is very unlike the CSI that  people know and love.  In state after state, reporters found autopsies conducted by doctors who lacked certification and training.   Many coroners are elected and do not have medical backgrounds. 

Post Mortem shows that errors by coroners and forensic pathologists have allowed potentially guilty perpetrators to go free and the innocent to be accused of crimes they did not commit.

Check out this snippet from the segment.  This is an amazing story about the autopsy of a famous person’s father.  You can watch the full episode here.