Music Monday

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed Easter yesterday.  I sure did.  The sun was shining, the service was meaningful and joyous and I spent time with loved ones.  What more can you ask for? 🙂

My neighbor and I talked about how we wished it was like this every Sunday.  People were smiling and greeting each other.  I even donned my Easter hat.  I come from a long line of church-hat-wearing-women, so I decided to pick up the mantle this year.  How did I do?

ThatKellieGirl in her Easter Hat


As the honey and I walked down U Street, one woman said we looked like an Easter parade! 🙂  I also had several older ladies tell me they were going to steal my hat. Ha!  Ya’ll, I think I had the biggest hat at church.  🙂  I did notice that the hats were far and few between.  I however refuse to believe that the Easter hat is dead.  It is definitely a tradition of older generations, but I think it is one worth preserving. You walk a little straighter and smile a little wider.  For me, it conjures up a time of sophisticated ladies and chivalrous gentlemen.  And I don’t think anything is wrong with that.

 In honor of Easter hats, check out this wonderful rendition of “Easter Parade” by the incomparable Sarah Vaughn and Billy Eckstine.  Have a great week!

Also, tonight get a sneak peek of Julie Dexter’s new album at “The Listening” at Marvin from 7-9PM.  Her album,  New Again officially drops tomorrow (4/26).

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