Sistas Who Rock The Mic: Navasha Daya

Hello Good Folks!

Last night, CASRAM Presents ended their March Women’s History Month Series with Navasha Daya, formerly of Fertile Ground.  It was such a treat!  

There are several things I love about Navasha as a performer….her uplifting and thoughtful lyrics,  her jazzy and melodic voice, her soulful and infectious dancing, and her powerful representation of women.  She also gets love for being a fellow midwestern. (Ohio represent! 🙂  )  

Navasha is also a woman of purpose.  A committed reiki master teacher, spiritual counselor and ordained minister, she established the Spiritual Arts and Science Institute, which designs and administers mental, emotional, and holistic health services, workshops, seminars, classes, mediation, private sessions, and women’s healing circles.

Navasha is currently touring with Zap Mama and embarking on her first solo project.  I am looking forward to hearing more of her in the future.

Check out Live @ Ben’s Next Door every Tuesday night at Ben’s Next Door.  It is the D.C. home of local and national independant artists.  Next Door provides the venue and the audience for artists to showcase themselves, their music and their talents to a new audiencetalented artists are showcased.  And it’s FREE!  Hosted by W. Ellington Felton

I got a new camera, so enjoy some my photos from the event! 🙂

Navasha Daya and ThatKellieGirl

One comment

  1. I love Navasha! I planned to go see her and wasn’t able to make it. She was actually married to my cousin, James Collins, who is the head of Fertile Ground. I am so glad to see her doing her thang. She’s amazing! 🙂

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