Music Monday

Big Mama Thornton, the original singer of "Hound Dog."

Hello Good Folks!

Here’s some down-home soul to get you rocking and rolling today!

On Sunday mornings, I LOVE watching CBS Sunday Mornings.  They have great in-depth feature stories about music, culture, science, politics, art, etc.  It has somewhat inspired the format of ThatKellieGirl.  🙂  

There was a segment about song writers Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.  Folks don’t know their names, but you have heard their songs.  They are responsible for writing some of the biggest hits in the 1950s and 1960s.  One of their most memorable tunes is “Hound Dog”.  It was originally written and sang by Big Mama Thornton.  They didn’t like Elvis’ version, but learned to like it when the checks started coming in!   Here is an interview with them on CBS News.

When music comes from the soul, it will speak to you regardless of ethnicity, gender, geographic location, etc.   When I heard “Hound Dog” as a kid, the only version I heard was Elvis Presley’s version.  And it was a good song.  It was catchy and fun.  However, Big Mam Thornton’s version just can’t be touched.  Get familiar with music pioneer, Big Mama Thornton!


  1. Hey Kellie! I love watching CBS Sunday Mornings too! I saw the segment on those two song writers and loved it. Thanks for highlighting Big Mamma Thorton and “Hound Dog”, that story is awesome. I do a Song of the Week post every Monday also, you might like it on my blog I hope you enjoy visiting. Have a great one. 🙂

  2. Hi Kelli-
    I saw this segment on CBS Sunday Morning- but the one that is now on YouTube is an interview from many years ago with Russ Miller with CONNIE CHUNG introducing it- and it is a promo for Smokey Joe’s Cafe- Do you have any idea why you cannot find the newer interview? they talked about how the song was originally written for a woman and did not make sense for a man to sing it- I would love to find the real interview from March 20th.

    • Hi Stephanie! Thanks for stoppig by. I believe that the March 20th interview was a re-edit of the old interview. I tried to find the March 20th segment on the CBS website, but it wasn’t posted under their “Recap” section. If you really want it, reach out to CBS. 🙂

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