My Momma and the Grammys

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

I hope you are either gearing up to enjoy or have already enjoyed your Valentine’s Day.  For those of you who choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day like me, check out this post about love.


I had to tell you it was a HOOT! watching the Grammys with Mom.  I don’t think I laughed like that in a minute.  Her commentaries were VERY indicative of generation differences, but there was some truth though.

Cee-Lo Green

For instance, I thought Cee-Lo Green was probably the most interesting and creative performance last night.  The puppets were hilarious and Gwyneth Paltrow actually has some chops.

What Momma Said: He looks like a big red rooster.  That is a disgrace to black males everywhere. *LOLOL*

Lady Gaga

Now, I was actually surprised by the lack of shock in Lady Gaga’s performance.  Me and my FB friends were waiting for some blood to fall out the sky.

What Momma Said: Who is that?  And what does she have on? Is that the girl who wore meat last year?


So, I will admit I am not a Rihanna fan, but you can’t deny that she makes the pop hits.  Last night, her vocals weren’t the greatest and the dancing was lackluster.

What Momma Said: Is she trying to be like Beyonce?

Rolling Stones

Personally, I would have loved to see the Rolling Stones at the Grammys.  I could at least say I saw these rock legends. I thought Mick Jagger held it down and Raphael Saadiq was awesome.  It was a pleasant surprise when he came out on stage.  Besides, I love some Raphael Saadiq.

What Momma Said: He is so skinny.  I know he looks skinner in person because TV puts at least 30LBS on you.  After all these years, that man is still moving like that.  And he still has those big lips.

Now, if I was young like my teenage sister, I probably would have been annoyed.  I would have felt like she was judging what I like so she was judging me.  However, as I have gotten older, I know that this isn’t the case.   I know that it is just a difference of style and taste.  As they say, art is subjective.  Besides, I know she didn’t mean any harm, and that is just how she sees the world.  And I love to peak into other people’s world’s sometimes.

Now, she did enjoy the Aretha Franklin Tribute.  Ya’ll know who she said did the best….Yolanda Adams (C’mon ya’ll).  However,  she did like Jennifer Hudson and Christina Aguilera.  She called on the name of Jesus a couple of more times and she will be praying for the youth of today.  Overall though, I had a great time watching the Grammys with my Mom.

And as an extra side note:

This morning, my Mom turns on the TV and she sees Marion Barry on a TV show.

What Momma Said: They still got him in there.  I’m going to be praying for ya’ll down here.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Smooches! 🙂


  1. This BLOG was the Bomb! Hilarious…Loved what you AND your mom said. Especially about Cee-lo and Lady Gaga…Just funny…Traci

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